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Through E-Design I create a cozy interior design experience and “Define your Style.” As a wellness focused interior designer I promote a lifestyle of peace and purpose through healthy mental wellness. Your physical surroundings can deeply impact your ability to have clarity and focus. My E-Designs create an environment you emotionally connect with. Rooms that are positive environments. You'll feel inspired, fulfilled, encouraged for personal growth. I specialize in helping young growing families achieve a contemporary home and a balanced lifestyle. A sleek and simplistic home that's not cookie cutter. A home with a strong sense of family & social connection where you create new traditions. It includes spaces to entertain family & friends with confidence, to celebrate achievements and milestones. Rooms to personally develop designed for productivity, creativity or relaxation. I want you to achieve a harmonious state within your home and build the confidence you need to face life’s challenges head on. Like my previous clients, I want every time you step into your home you smile. Ready to create a beautiful home that houses memories for years to come? Complete the "Define your Style" questionnaire in the Design Style link below....



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