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 Are you overwhelmed furnishing your empty home from scratch? Let me help you create a cozy interior for your new home with E-Design!


Creating a cozy home IS creating a unique space that reflects your lifestyle & personality. It’s NOT adapting to a cookie cutter style. You’re ambitious, a trendsetter, influencer, overachiever but you're struggling navigating this new challenge. Let me guide you! I"ll help you discover what YOUR new home looks like. You'll receive a personalized roadmap to help you “Define Your Style” at home. 


Through my “Define your Style” questionnaire I’ll create a contemporary, cozy design experience. It’s the first step to creating your customized home that contributes to the quality of life you deserve. You’ll have a home design strategy that’s wellness focused. 


The result is a harmonious home you emotionally connect with. It's a positive environment for you & your family. It’s inspiring, fulfilling, encourages personal growth & promotes clarity and focus.


Its sleek, trendsetting, simplistic & definitely not cookie cutter.

Focused on family, social connection & personal development. 

It will include spaces to confidently entertain family & friends, personally develop, be productive, creative or just relax.


Like my previous clients every time you step into your home you’ll smile. Ready to create a beautiful home that houses memories for years to come? Complete your "Define your Style" questionnaire in the Design Style link below....



Let's Create 

A Cozy Home

Sleek, Trendsetting, Simplistic

Define Your Style

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